Monday, May 25, 2015

Mother's Day in Sonoma

Ever since our first trip with the kids to Sonoma County, I have been itching for an excuse to go back. We had so much fun exploring Jack London State Park and the Cornerstone Gardens, and the trip gave me the confidence to try and tackle the somewhat daunting idea of wine tasting with the kids. While the desire for another trip was there, it wasn't until a family dinner when my father-in-law offered me a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, that ideas for our next adventure starting coming together. I usually favor red wines, so when offered a glass of white, I asked for "just a little sip". That little sip quickly turned into a glass of the best white wine I have EVER had and me enthusiastically pointing out that the winery was only an hour away in Sebastapol! After a little research into the area, a day trip was promptly planned for Mother's Day.

We started the morning off with a slight detour to Wildflower Bakery in the small town of Freestone. My favorite part of the Bakery was actually the gardens in the back, where the kids explored the tunnels created by vines and raced through rows of overgrown raspberry bushes. We got a handful of scones and one of their famous sticky buns. The white nectarine scone was definitely my favorite, with the rest of our choices being tasty, but not necessarily worth the drive. 

With our tummies full of carbs, we headed down the road to Merry Edwards Winery, home of the aforementioned, BEST white wine ever. We had a private tasting, which in retrospect was probably not the best choice with little kids, as it was quite formal and included a history of the wine making at the estate. We ended up rotating outside with the kids while the rest of the group enjoyed the tasting, so it all worked out in the end. The tasting was complimentary and really well done, so I highly recommend it if you are without children. Our favorite wine, as expected, was the Sauvignon Blanc, which I really can't recommend enough. I'm not sure I will ever like another wine more than this one!

The second half of the day was to be spent in Healdsburg, so we made another short detour to the nearby town of Geyserville, to eat at Diavola Pizzeria. We had eaten here once before, but did not realize at the time that they were famous for their pizzas. So despite our previous meal being delicious, we were set on trying out one of their wood oven creations. We settled on the Prosciutto & Funghi pizza, with a margharita for the kids. The pizza was AMAZING! So flavorful and delicious...easily one of the top 5 wood oven pizza's I have ever had (which is saying a lot with all the amazing offerings in the Bay Area!).

From Diavola, we headed down the road to Truett Hurst for our last stop of the day. This winery is exactly what I want when wine tasting with kids. The grounds were so beautifully thought out, with picnic tables under the shade and along the river, and an open grass area that bordered a field with goats and chickens to entertain the kids! We grabbed a bottle (tasting fees are waved if you make a purchase) and settled in at a table in the shade while the kids let off their last bits of energy.

Get there early to grab a nice spot by the river!
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The details: Merry Edwards is a little over an hour from Berkeley and Healdsburg is closer to an hour and a half from Berkeley. The tastings at Merry Edwards are free, and tastings at Truett Hurst are $5, but applied to any purchases. You can bring pets and outside food for your picnic at Truett Hurst!
 Cost: Gas/Toll: $15, Scones at Wildflour: $4.25 each, Pizza at Diavola: $18, Bottles at Truett & Hurst $30-$40.  


  1. I stumbled on your blog from seeing your Yelp review of Truett Hurst. Your photography is beautiful! I can't wait until I have time to go back and read other posts. My husband and I visit the Sonoma area every other year but wish it was more often. Thank you for bringing back good memories for us.

    1. Kim - Thank you so much for your comment, it made my day! Do you have any favorite spots from your visits to the area? We just spent Father's Day doing a tour of breweries in Sonoma County, and it was amazing. Such a wonderful place to visit.