Monday, July 13, 2015

A summer day in Berkeley

This past Father's Day weekend was also our 6 year wedding anniversary, and since we had a big day planned in Sonoma for Sunday, we spent Saturday enjoying the wonderful city we get to call home. With an ever-growing list of places to visit, we decided to tackle a couple of Berkeley classics. 

The morning started off with a trip to The Cheeseboard Collective, arguably one of the best bakeries and pizza spots in Berkeley. Surprisingly, this was our FIRST visit to the bakery! We regularly visit Cheeseboard for pizza, but had never made it over in the morning for pastries. Oh what a treat it was! With almost 400 types of cheese to choose from and a beautiful selection of pastries, we had no problem finding something for everyone. We settled on an assortment of scones and muffins and settled down at an outdoor table to enjoy our breakfast.

Despite being in the midst of a vibrant and bustling neighborhood, on one of Berkeley's busiest streets, the sidewalk seating outside The Cheeseboard is one of the most calming places in the city for me. If it weren't for the people patiently waiting to steal your seat when you leave, I think I could spend the entire day just people watching and enjoying the amazing food.

Next on the agenda was a drive up the hill to Tilden Regional Park. This is one my favorite places to explore with the kids, and a real hidden gem when it comes to affordable family fun. Our first stop was the Redwood Valley Railway, which is a scaled-down steam train that takes you on a 12 minute ride along the scenic ridge-line of the Berkeley Hills. It always puts a smile on my face to see how much the kids enjoy the ride.

After our train ride, we drove a short distance down the road to Lake Anza. One of my favorite parts of living in Berkeley is how quickly you can find yourself in nature. Just a short drive from the streets of downtown Berkeley and you can be relaxing at a lake! We quickly settled into a nice spot on the sand and had a picnic lunch before playing in the water.

What does a summer day look like where you live?

P.S. Some more fun places to explore in Tilden Regional Park.

Details: Scones/Muffins at The Cheeseboard Collective: $2.25 each. Redwood Valley Railway: $3/ride or 5 rides/$12 (kids under 2 ride free). Lake Anza : Admission is $2.50 for kids (under 1 is free), and $3.50 for adults.

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