Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sutro Baths and Lands End

By about noon on New Years Day, our house looked like a tornado had hit it, the kids were getting stir crazy and I was waiting for my coffee to kick in (the downside to actually making it up until midnight is that kids still wake up around 6:30!). So we had to get out of the house...and it had to be soon! Parks are a great option on holidays, and we had never been out to the Sutro Baths or the Coastal hiking trail. So off we went!

The Sutro Baths were a large indoor swimming complex built in 1896 by Adolph Sutro. They were never profitable and were closed in the 60's, after which they were destroyed by a fire. What remains today is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area and a great place for the whole family to explore. Our kids loved climbing on the ruins, running through the hillside tunnel that used to house the old water pump, and ending the day with a walk along the beautiful Coastal Trail. The Coastal Trail runs along what used to be the old Cliffhouse Railway that was destroyed by mudslides in 1925. Much of the trail is stroller friendly, which is always a plus when taking small children on long walks. I look forward to a longer stroll in the future!

This is what the Sutro Baths used to look like (c/o
This is what is left after the fire in the 1960's

Exploring the ruins
A picture of the tunnel from Abandoned NYC
View from the first lookout point along the Coastal Trail
At the bottom of the image you can see the Lands End Lookout...hopefully we will make it that far next time.

View of Ocean Beach on the drive home. 
The facts: The Sutro Baths and Coastal Trail are located at the Northwest Corner of San Francisco (about 40 minutes from Berkeley).

Cost: other than bridge toll and gas...the park is free!

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