Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Visiting the UC Berkeley Campus: A list of my favorite things to do!

One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Cal basketball games with my Dad. We would sit in the very last row of seats at the top of the stadium and my dad would watch the game while I ate a chocolate malt and then ran around the empty seats. It was such an exciting adventure as a young kid to walk through campus, admiring all the beautiful buildings and being a part of the unique energy that college campuses exude. While we don't make it to a lot of games these days, we love just taking the kids over to U.C. Berkeley. The campus has so much to offer that every trip seems to have something new in store for us. Below are a few of my favorite things to do at U.C. Berkeley.

Go to a sporting event!

A throwback to some of our early trips to Cal sporting events
While Men's Basketball and Football draw the largest crowds, there are plenty of other options if you want to take in a Cal sporting event with the family. With the exception of Football and Basketball, tickets to sporting events are typically around $10 for adults and $5 for kids, as well as a handful of sports that have free admission. Check ticket prices and scheduling here. I think this is a great way to get kids involved in the University at a young age.

Take a ride to the top of the Campanile Tower

The views from the Campanile are spectacular on a clear day!
Built in 1915, the Campanile is the third tallest bell and clock-tower in the world. On our most recent visit, we took the short elevator ride up to the viewing platform that sits 200 feet above campus. I had not been to the top of the tower as an adult, and I was blown away by how beautiful it was! I expected the views to be very similar to those in the Berkeley Hills, and while they are essentially the same views, the perspective from the tower was so different. Everything seems so much closer and you can really appreciate the beauty and scale of the campus and surrounding Bay Area.

See the Dinosaur

Learn about the construction of the cast here.
Located in the Life Sciences Building, this life sized cast of a Tyrannosaurus Rex fosil was a hit with the kids.

Relax at Strawberry Canyon Pool

Located behind Memorial Stadium, the Strawberry Canyon Pool is one of my favorite public swimming pools in the East Bay. The pool is surrounded by two large grass areas and is a beautiful spot to enjoy the day with your family. Every time we visit I am struck by the peacefulness of the setting.

Visit the UC Botanical Gardens 

The Botanical Gardens are nestled in the hills above the U.C. Berkeley campus, and display over 13,000 plants from around the world. There are wide paths that meander throughout the landscape, which is arranged into distinct areas, each representing different regions of the world. It's a great place for children to explore and both the plants and the views of the Bay are beautiful. Click here for details of our recent trip to the gardens.

Walk or bike around campus

With so many beautiful buildings, murals, sculptures and open spaces, you will see something new with every visit. During the weekends and summer, the campus is relatively quiet, making it an ideal space to let the kids run wild. Below are some pictures for our last two trips to campus. Enjoy!

Even though our oldest is only 3, this picture makes me feel like she is already a teenager!

What is your favorite college campus to explore?

The details: The U.C. Berkeley Campus is located just East of Downtown Berkeley and is accessible by public transportation. Click here for details on planning your visit to U.C. Berkeley.
  • To go to the top of The Campanile it is $3 for adults, $2 for kids (under 3 is free). 
  • The Botanical Gardens is $10 for adults with discounted rates for children. However, there are plenty of opportunities to get in for FREE! We got free admission using the Discover and Go program through our local library (Check to see if your library participates...most DO!). There are also free admission days once a month (see here for details).
  • Admission to Strawberry Canyon Pool is $5 for adults and $3 for children.

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